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Chimera Comics Launches Another Epic Saga on the Indiegogo Crowdfunding Platform

Join the craze and escape into the world where an orphaned sells word descended from ancient gods seeks allies to defeat a chaotic evil!

USA (June 17, 2022) -The Indiegogo crowd funder introduces Testament Volume 2 - a 64-page full color sci-fi and sword & sorcery graphic novel. The 52-page main story is written by Chimera with line art by Juliano Da Silva, colors by Farah Nurmaliza & Marcos Martins,  lettering by Eric Weathers, and script/story edits by Aldous.


Nothing is more inspiring than supporting independent artists, this is your chance to help bring this epic saga to life.  In a world where art seemingly takes second place nowadays amongst everything else taking place from covid to wars, let's never forget the power of imagination. A world without sci-fi is unimaginable.


This indie comic series is a chance to return back to the pleasure of your youth and release all the stress of life's pressures and deadlines.  Chimera comics deliver fantastic characters with intriguing plot lines brought to life with amazing graphics.


Providing a brief snapshot of the story, Karl Von Magnusson, a famous swordsman descended from Ancient Gods, sought allies to defeat evil. Later, he allied with a rebel group to fight against an evil king. The group looks for allies from the East. Eventually, Karl discovers new abilities, and also ancient artifacts. With various tools, he must figure out how to defeat the evil king.


Contributing to an indiegogo crowd fund funding campaign is an awesome way to support independent artists, especially those with a track record of delivering high quality.  Chimera comics has such a reputation.  You will be doing your part to help indie artists bring more color into our universe. Therefore, every contribution matters.  Grab your chance to be a hero in bringing this saga to life.


About the company

Chimera Comics has launched various campaigns on Indiegogo and have always fulfilled all its obligations to its supporters and more.  The perks of the campaign are affordable and offer a wide range of options to share with your family, friends and associates.


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