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Cardboard Display Stands Melbourne

Cardboard Display Stands Melbourne have the potential to provide a very practical choice, with a warm, versatile appearance. In addition, it applies to full control of the products displayed in retail stores. Here are some of the most attractive advantages of cardboard displays:


Low cost: A major advantage is that cardboard for creating reliable displays for all types of goods is relatively inexpensive.


Lightweight: This material is very light, and compared to other display options (such as wood or glass), this material is very simple to transport and cost-effective. In addition, once the display enters the store, it is easy to handle and locate.


Versatile: The actual production costs for making cardboard displays are very low. The process of forming, cutting, or bending cardboard can be easily achieved through AutoCAD design. Once the preferred design is configured, tens of thousands of monitors can be rapidly generated using the right machine and a small amount of manual input.


Unique design: Cardboard offers complete flexibility in the design process, with good choices in color, shape and layout. They can even include promotions or discount stickers to make the showcase stand out.


Regular updates: The initial low investment in cardboard products means that the appearance can be creatively updated every few months to keep the display looking new and up-to-date.


Extremely strong: The highest quality corrugated cardboard is very strong and can easily retain its shape even when subjected to high loads.


Easy to assemble: This type of display is designed to be easily assembled by retailers. In addition, if you plan to place your monitor in a space-constrained area, you can make minor changes, such as cutting the material for the best fit.


Recyclable materials: Cardboard is a completely recyclable material that can be easily handled when the monitor is no longer needed. This means that very little garbage is dumped into landfills. In addition, paperboards using non-contaminating inks, such as plant-based inks, are easily separated or washed off during the recycling process.

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