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Buying Bed Sheets at Amouve

There are a few different things to consider when buying bed sheets. You will need to get sheets that fit your mattress perfectly. The number of threads or Thread Count and Ply are other considerations, and most people ignore this when buying bed sheets. Fit, fabric and color are again things to consider when obtaining new fitted sheets or flat bed sheets.


When buying Bed Sheets, the first thing you need to consider is size. Standard sizes (for example, single bed, full size, queen size, and king size) may help you make a decision, but it is best to determine the appropriate size by measuring the mattress itself. There is also pocket depth measurement. This is the thickness of the mattress, measured from the bottom to the top edge. Most standard mattresses have a pocket depth of 7 to 9 inches. However, if you have a pillow, the maximum width of the mattress may be between 10 and 15 inches. Knowing this size will help you choose the right linen for your bed.

The thread count of the sheets is another important consideration. However thread cou t has long been a misnomer in the textile industry. At the end of the day, it boils down to ply, or the smoothness of the fabric. The higher the count with single ply threads, the higher the quality and comfort you get from the printed bed sheet. Most buying guides recommend at least 200 threads. This number and above will enable you to buy comfortable bed sheets that are durable and can withstand multiple washes.


Fit is another factor to consider when buying Bed Sheets. The basic sheets only have elastic at the corners. In this way, it is easy to pull it off the mattress at night. You may find yourself getting up a few times to readjust the worksheet. There are better quality fitted bed sheets that can provide elasticity on each side. Even better is a sheet that always has elasticity around the outer edge. If you tend to move a lot during sleep, you may need to invest in the top of the road map.


There are many kinds of fabrics for the bed sheets. There is no harm in having more than one style so that you can change them throughout the year. Bed sheets can effectively keep warm in winter. The Percale sheets are cool, making them a good bedding for summer. Cotton Sateen is the most lustrous bed sheet, so for those who only want to own sheets with a soft feel, they are a popular choice. You can test the material by purchasing various pillowcases. Placing your head on different fabrics can help you determine your favorite fabric.


Color is another aspect of buying Bed Sheets. You will need to choose the quilt or comforter to pair with. Many people choose solid colors because they more easily correspond to larger bedding. Some people choose prints or plaid patterns if they have solid color quilts.


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