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Buy Avaya IP Phone Maintenance And Support by Pixcom in Dubai UAE

The management of business telephone systems is something that many companies want to put in the hands of third parties and never consider them. They can do this when they get Avaya maintenance and support from a licensing service provider. When companies take advantage of Avaya maintenance and support by implementing a fully hosted or managed telephony network, it receives the following important services that ensure the system is properly configured and provides the highest level of functionality.



The first benefit companies get when implementing a fully hosted or hosted network is professional installation, which includes: installing a phone in a workstation, installing a PBX (private switch) device in the field, and programming the system if the customer chooses to host the network. The biggest feature. Because it ensures the proper use of network resources, professional installation is one of the most important third-party phone services that businesses can receive.



Avaya phones maintenance in Dubai is another benefit of implementing a fully managed or managed telephony network. Authorized providers of Avaya telephony maintenance provide a full range of communication management services, including: remote response system alerts, on-site response when remote alarms cannot be resolved, repair or replacement of faulty hardware, improved programming of system functions, and scheduled service checks to ensure resources Normal operation and proper use.


Stand By

As mentioned above, the service provider will remotely monitor the functionality of the network. This can quickly solve technical problems and achieve a high success rate. With the right diagnostic tools, Avaya Phone Care Providers will resolve over 90% of system alerts without having to touch the customer's property. Remote monitoring provides different levels. Some companies only need to monitor the telephone network during business hours, while other companies need to monitor around the clock. Service plans can be customized to meet the needs of each customer.


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