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Buy a Luxury Organic Cotton Bath Towel Online - Amouve

Choose a bath towel that meets the following criteria:


1. Material: 

Buy a bath towel that is made up of natural material like organic cotton and is free of chemicals and synthetics. Imagine rubbing your body against coarse, chemical laden polyester, microfibre or cotton towels that talk nothing about how they were made. Instead choose smartly and opt for an organic cotton bath towel that redefines luxury and is gentle to the skin and the planet. 


2. GSM:

A good bath towel will usually be of a higher GSM and made of low twist yarn that ensures longevity. 

Amouve's bath towels are 700 GSM and highly absorbent, making them the only towels in the market with such a high GSM. Depending on the use, one can opt for a different GSM. For example, buy a bath towel for home with a high GSM. For traveling, opt for a lighter towel that dries quickly.

3. Anti-pill:

Buy a bath towel that doesn't pill upon washing. It ensures the wash shall last month after month. 


4. Size:

Well, size does matter. A large enough towel that will ensure you're not gasping for ends would be at 30*58 inches. Amouve's bath towels are available in king size and are great for your skin.


5. Brand: 

A brand defines the ethos of its products. Some brands are more considerate than others in providing only a certain type of product to its niche clientele. Amouve ensures all its bed sheets and towels are made from organic cotton that is sourced directly from farmers. 


6. How it was made: 

A good brand and product is one that ensures it is made sustainably with utmost care for its people, planet and process. Amouve ensures it provides livelihoods to cotton farmers and also its workers who work in good factory conditions which also provide a minimum wage. 

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