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In order to protect themselves from unknown influences, most home buyers nowadays have taken measures such as studying property evaluations and community crime statistics. Many of these buyers are also unaware of the problems that may be caused by buying houses that have violations. Here, you can learn how to avoid this costly mistake by adding a license accelerator to your "to-do" list of home buying research. The license accelerator can independently review your potential assets and discover costly violations before you buy.


Let us look at a simple example from Brooklyn, New York. We will call our seller Mary. During the real estate boom in 2005, Mary bought a house and built a new house on part of her new backyard. During her closure, the documents provided indicated that her addition complied with the New York City Building Code and the transaction was completed.


Mary decided to sell her property. She has found a buyer, and her property has now been contracted. During the inspection, it was discovered that the addition was never legally constructed. The partition and code files provided by Mary when it was initially closed in 2005 were actually forged. Mary now not only has to bear thousands of Violation Removal NYC costs, but also the construction costs to solve the problem. Obviously, according to the Brooklyn Zoning Law, the additional construction exceeded the legal additional construction limit by 4 feet.

This situation is more common than you might think, especially in areas with a high rate of house "flipping" during the real estate boom. You can follow these four simple steps to ensure that this situation will never happen to you.


How to avoid buying properties that violate existing Building Violation Removal Services NYC regulations


Take a closer look at properties that have been added and renovated. If the building and parts of the house you are viewing are made of the lowest quality materials, there is a good chance that the additional bathroom or basement modification does not meet the building codes. If past owners are willing to take shortcuts in terms of decoration quality, they may also take shortcuts with the construction department.


Study the history of the owner of the property. If it appears to be sold and re-sold every one to two years, then it may have been flipped several times. This is a red flag and a good reason to call an urgent person.


Don't rely solely on the house inspector when closing. Many times, they are loyal to sales real estate agents and may ignore irregularities.


As you sort your finances and prepare to set aside funds for closing costs, consider about $300 to $400 for hiring a license accelerator.


Once you have hired a license accelerator, they will conduct a property review and zoning analysis of the entire property and its location. Then, you can rest assured that your new home is free and clean, ready to move in!


Truartsignco is keen to help homeowners find houses with no violations and legalize existing violations. For the most friendly removal service of violations, please visit our website :-

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