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Building Inspections Perth

What would you think if a building inspector you’ve hired and on the inspection report itself is non-valid or simply has no existing license number to perform the work? Would you feel comfortable about it?  This happens in Perth on a daily basis, especially with franchise or new pop-up inspection companies that offer inspection for around A$200-300


“There are various risks associated with hiring building inspectors in Perth who do not have proper training and credentials for carrying out pre-purchase building inspections.”


Some building inspectors in WA will most likely have a builder’s trade and worked in the trade for many years but most of them do not have the necessary credentials and licensing for pre-purchase building inspections. Some of them have just done an online course but this does not mean that they are licensed


If you hired an unlicensed pre-purchase property inspector, it is highly possible that you will bear some massive financial loss and liabilities in the long run or if you are planning to sell the house when the building inspector gives you the ok to purchase a defective house.


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