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You have a construction project in mind but haven’t used builders before. There are so many different companies out there and you probably feel lost about choosing the Right Build Group. Here are some tips on choosing a reliable builder:


  1. Look for Builders London with good reviews online or ask friends or neighbors about suggestions.
  1. Ask how long has the business been in business. Have they had experience being subcontractors or do they have an actual managerial experience. How is their network of suppliers? It’s very important to have good suppliers that can be counted on in order to have the job finished on time.
  1. Check the track record of the builder. Ask for references.
  1. Check if the builder is properly insured and has all necessary certificates and licenses to provide construction services in your area.
  1. Get everything in writing. The builder should specify construction start and end dates, all work to be done and a fixed price. The contract should also detail all the basic materials to be used and make and model of any appliances that are to be installed
  1. Stay involved throughout the whole process. Visit the site regularly and make sure that the home is inspected properly at each stage of the construction. If you see any problems, address them. Do not allow the builder to make a “draw” on your building bond until you are completely satisfied with the work that has been done for the price you have paid.
  1. There should be some guarantee on the work done. For all types of remodels like kitchen refurbishment, bathroom fitting, painting and decorating, loft conversion London and more, you should get some time to report any problems or defects with the construction job.

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