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Bucky House – The Link with Blockchain and Entertainment


The global media entertainment industry is one of the most profitable industries in the U.S.  The industry contributes more than 500 billion dollars to the U.S economy. Online streaming is on the rise.  The old medium of content distribution like cable TV is fading away. Large entertainment groups have troubles keeping up with the new method of delivering contents. Majority of their revenue is used in managing the platform, only a small percentage of the money is delivered to the artists and content creators. These sites only provide the platform for creating contents and yet rake in millions of dollars per year in revenue.  In addition to that, most of the sites are prone to hacking.

This is why the Bucky house blockchain platform was created. Bucky house is a decentralized platform. The platform cuts the middlemen and rewards only the content creators through the blockchain technology; Users will be able to support the network and at the same time access videos and music. The Platform creates a system for only the content creators, the network owners, and the beneficiaries. The Blockchain technology will establish a reputation system, promote a dynamic and efficient pricing model, and allow micro monetizing. The Bucky house will facilitate production houses, models, content creators, models and celebrities, application developers, content subscribers and viewers, Adult content distribution, advertising agencies, and data centers. The platform will allow all forms of entertainment such as games, animation, eBooks, articles, videos, and movies. The crowdfunding marketplace includes web and TV series, Animation content, theme based games, music videos, and eBooks. Publishers will receive funds for any completed concepts, trailers, and teasers. A smart contract will perform the distribution of funds.  Content creators will be able to hire producers, composers, coordinators, directors, and animators from the platform. The subscribers will have the right to vote any project. The Subscribers can also rate other subscribers.


Revenue model

The content creators on the platform will have the freedom to define their prices. The revenue will be shared between the content creators and the owners of the network. The platform will charge each content creator a maximum of 4% of their revenue value for the maintenance of the platform.


Bucky house vision

Bucky house aims to compete with the big players in the entertainment industry like Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Vimeo, YouTube and daily motion. The platform aims to enable complete freedom for content distribution. The Platform shall stand out from the existing contents platforms regarding content distributions.  The Bucky house also aims to partner with adult content websites, eBooks sale agencies, live streaming sites to acquire the Hollywood movies, Asian movies, YouTube subscribers, and celebrity contents.



The Bucky house has launched their coin as Bucky coin. The ICO offers the Coin in the pre-ICO and ICO phases. The house is currently holding more than 900,000,000 coins for distribution, and more than 500 million coins are kept for the daily management of the platform. The ICO is yet to be launched, the coins will soon be listed for sales on major crypto currency exchanges.


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