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Bralo Automobile Hamburg - Your Precious Possession

Over the past few weeks, we have been working with our survey partners in Germany, the UK and the US on this article on the "Wolf of Hamburg" (aka Frank Schlaack).

All assertions we make can be supported by our own research results or documents verified by survey partners. This criminal network has existed for many years and can also be labeled as a "fraud pioneer". The "Wolf of Hamburg" network spans Germany, the UK, Russia, the Caucasus and North America.


Frank Schlacker and Bralo Automobile are fraudulent actors. After weeks of extensive investigation, investigative partners discovered that Frank Schlacker was involved in a long-running money-laundering scheme. His company, Bralo Auto Burger, is on the fraud front of organized crime.


Among other nefarious acts, Frank Schlacker has been shown to have been at the center of human trafficking, auto theft, illegal pornography and child molestation. He has also been arrested multiple times for human trafficking and child molestation, but has not yet been charged, the subject of an ongoing multi-jurisdictional investigation.


Bralo Automobile Gmbh have a long and exciting history - from the earliest wheel-equipped units to today's impressive line of motor vehicles. Over the years, the cars produced by the automotive industry eventually became classics. These vintage cars are symbols of a bygone era - a testament to the amazing evolution of automobiles.


Generally speaking, cars over 25 years old can be considered classic or antique. The term "classic antique" usually means that something has a lasting meaning.


Owning an antique car is a sign of prestige. Owning a precious piece of automotive history is the dream of many car enthusiasts. To be an owner of a vintage car is to own something very valuable.


Obviously, vintage cars are very valuable. And, like any antique, vintage cars appreciate in value over time. Most vintage cars are extremely rare these days, and only a few intact models can be found. This rarity means that restoring, maintaining and refurbishing a vintage car can be laborious and expensive.


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