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Booking Your Flights Online

Booking your flights online is easy—and now you can save even more with our new promotion!

Booking your flights online is easy—and now you can save even more with our new promotion! If you book your accommodation and flight together, we’ll give you an additional 5% off your flight cost if you book before the end of January. And that includes economy, business, and first-class flights! Fly now and save more. Plus, you save even more when you pay by debit card! Don’t miss out on this amazing deal — it ends on the 31st of January!

How much time do I have to book my flight? 

Airfare prices fluctuate often, so it's best to book as soon as possible. For international flights, the best time to buy tickets is usually three months in advance of departure. For domestic flights, it's usually five weeks in advance of departure. Once you know when your trip starts, create a travel packing list and pack your travel snacks to make traveling easier for yourself! Create a travel packing list by writing down what clothes, shoes, toiletries, tech accessories, and other items you need for your specific trip. Check out our blog post for some great tips on what items to include on your packing list and how to pack efficiently. Packing your own food not only saves money but is better for your health too! Bring fruit, nuts, or protein bars to help stave off hunger on the go. If flying through any airports where liquid restrictions are in place (commonly found at European airports), be sure to bring a water bottle that's been filled up before leaving home and refill it at airport water fountains or drink from the airport drinking fountain using disposable cups or straws if necessary.

What are flexible dates? 

Flexible dates let you search for the cheapest time to fly and give you a wider range of days to choose from. When it comes to booking your flight, flexible dates are an absolute must-have. 

Packing for a trip? Create a travel packing list that helps ensure that nothing gets left at home or forgotten on the packing table. Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, create a list of items that will make any trip less stressful. Make sure you pack your travel snacks, water bottle, and favorite music player. If packing in bulk, include some handy resealable bags to keep things organized during security checks. When it's time to board your flight, be prepared with these five tips: Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off, like sneakers; always pack essential medication; secure anything that could spill inside a zip-top bag; check out airline regulations regarding liquids; avoid bringing too many items in carry-on luggage.

Why can’t I book a return flight on the same day as the outbound? 

We want to be sure that you get a seat on the return flight, so we ask that you book the outbound at least two weeks before departure. Plus, if booking both flights together will help save you money, then it's worth waiting to book the return. You'll have time to pack some travel snacks for your trip. What does "return" mean? It means that you’ll fly from Point A back to Point B on another date. What about layovers? Layovers are like changing planes; they don't count as stopovers but instead as connections. They happen when one or more legs of a trip are covered by different airlines. Will I still be able to change my flight? Absolutely! As long as your ticket hasn't been issued yet, you're able to change your flight details without any additional fees. If you do decide to make changes within 24 hours of departure, there may be an additional fee based on destination and fare class.

When will I be able to redeem my miles? 

Once you have created a booking, click on Redeem Miles at the top of the page. 

  • Enter your membership number or email address for verification. 
  • You will be redirected to an account page that lists all of your eligible redemptions. 
  • Select the redemption type from the drop-down menu and enter how many miles you would like to redeem. 
  • Click "Redeem Miles" at the bottom of the page to complete your transaction.
  • Remember, travel must take place by September 30th to be eligible for this promotion. 
  • Contact me if you need any help. 

Terms and conditions apply; please review before booking.

How will I find the booking code I need for my travel agency? 

After booking a flight, you'll be able to find the booking code on your itinerary. If you booked a ticket on an airline's website, it will be in the confirmation email that the airline sent to you. If you booked through a third-party site like Expedia, it will be in the confirmation email they sent to you. On airlines' websites, after you book a flight, go to My Trips and click View Trip. In the Passenger Information tab of this window, you'll see a link for Reservation Information, which will take you to your reservation details page. Here, you'll see a field called "Booking Code" or "Ticket Reference Number. Click on this field to copy the booking code and then paste it into your travel agency search box so you can find the best possible price for your trip. Happy Saving

Is there anything else I should know about booking my award tickets online? 
If you're thinking of booking your flight tickets online, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the airline you're flying with has an agreement to fly direct routes. This usually means that they will have a code-sharing agreement and one of their own connecting flights will be available on the same day as yours. Second, make sure that the airport at which you want to fly out of has a same-day return flight option. For example, if you need to fly back home from Miami but the only options for getting home are through New York or Atlanta, then it may not be worth booking with this carrier. Third, make sure that when looking at airlines, you take note of what type of plane they offer. For example, Southwest Airlines offers 737s while Delta Airlines offers 757s and 767s.

So, what are you waiting for? Start booking your next flight today. You're only a few clicks away from saving money and getting the trip of your dreams. Book early and often. As long as you know when to book and where to look, there’s no need to feel intimidated by all those numbers. If you want to take a vacation but don't want to spend any extra cash on airfare, this might be the best time ever to go on that getaway without breaking the bank!

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