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Blissful Remedies Clears Air on Kratom as a Natural Product

Foremost supplier of herbal products and natural alternatives, Blissful Remedies has just made known the truth behind Kratom. The company has made attempt to clarify the misconceptions about this effective herbal product for all stakeholders in public health and others.  Various perceptions have been expressed about Kratom and its effects on health, particularly on brain. Over the years, Kratom has been used for various purposes – both bad and good. For this reason, it has become imperative to look at this product and examine its negative and positive sides.


Alleged Negative Effects of Kratom

Of late, there have been increasing reports about negative effects of Kratom on mental health. A case of a young lady easily came to mind. She was trying to recover from heroin addiction. Along the line, she came across something to ease her withdrawal. A brewed beverage being sold at a local bar became a favorite drink that soothed her brain and body much as narcotics had. It was a perfect solution. Then, the unexpected happen.


She became addicted to the beverage itself. Soon, her cravings for heroin returned. She later learnt that, during another stay in rehab, the beverage she was addicted to has Kratom leaf as part of its primary ingredients, which has the same effect on the brain like an opiate and can be very addictive.


Many people, like the lady described above, believe that Kratom  preys on the weak and the broken and it is a mind-altering substance that could be mistaken for a good drug just because it is legal. It leads to a lot of relapses, they alleged.


In another instance, Kratom is said to be responsible for seizures and respiratory depression. However, there is no proof of death resulting from the use of Kratom. One mother, who lives in the Delray Beach area, said that her 20-year-old son, committed suicide in 2014 and strongly suspected her son’s addiction to kratom was responsible for his death. However, her husband was also receiving treatment for depression at that very time, making the cause of son death a subject of dispute. However, there are still some claims that Kratom causes deaths in the United States as a result of kratom being laced with the prescription pain reliever, morphine or hydrocodone.


The Drug Enforcement Administration recently said kratom is a “drug of concern.”  This is not unconnected with the negative publicity and alleged debilitating effects of the drug. At the moment, Kratom is not a controlled substance. Why? Because there is no proven health risks and abuse potential associating with it, which are the requirements to bring it under control of Drug Enforcement Administration. However, states like Tennessee, Wyoming, Indiana, and Vermont have banned Krantom. But, there are states like Florida and New Jersey that have not banned Kratom. These states, although have bills on the drug, they have delayed further action until more information about kratom’s health risks is available.


Right now, in South Florida, concern is high over Kratom use. Incidentally, there is a rising concentration of drug-treatment providers. kratom bars are also springing up. Despite the concerns about Kratom and the call for it outright ban, the product seems to be gaining upper hand. It is now being produced in different forms. Powder form of Kratom leaf is available and sold at shops, gas-stations, and online. What could be responsible for the surge and acceptance of Kratom among people in the USA? There are various reasons for such.

To get better understanding, we need to look at the positive side of Kratom.


Positive Effects of Kratom

Kratom is believed to have painkilling properties and that explains why some people are embracing it. Kratom as a natural painkiller and a better alternative to more dangerous substances. It has been made legal in some states.


It has also been described as a fascinating drug that should be investigated in order to know more about it. Many people who use and encourage others to use kratom have observed that it often helps wean them from stronger and more dangerous opiates. There are those who have taken kratom during treatment for dependence on prescription painkillers, and now use a small amount of Kratom to treat conditions associating with chronic pain and depression.


In addition, drug abusers who had abused dozens of different drugs have discovered that drinks that have Kratom as part of their ingredients helped them to conquer their addiction.


There is no doubt that kratom has the potential to be a wonderful drug when used right. Kratom has the capacity to change lives. The only thing lacking is the scientific prove that Kratom has all the potentials it claims to have. As at today, Kratom could be said to exist in a kind of legal purgatory. Besides, Kratom is categorized as a botanic dietary supplement and this is the main reason that the Food and Drug Administration is not able to do anything about it or restrict its sale. However, if it is proved unsafe or manufacturers claim that it treats a medical condition, the Food and Drug Administration will beam its searchlight on the product.

So, as you can see from both the negative and positive, Kratom is a controversial drug that you need to examine well before using it. However, the positive side of the drug will most likely keep the drug ever popular and welcome.


About Blissful Remedies Kratom Products

Kratom products from Blissful Remedies are quality herbal products that can be used by those who are 18 and above. None of the Blissful Remedies herbal products like Red Vein Bali 30 Grams Powder, Green Maeng Da, Full Spectrum Blend, Green Maeng Da Kratom, and many other quality Kratom are intended to cure, treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease. However, for those who appreciate what herbal alternatives can do, Kratom will be on their shelf. It has been provided in simple powder forms and can be shipped to any state within USA except Vermont, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Indiana.   All of these Kratom products can be ordered safely on Blissfull Remedies website.


About Blissful Remedies

Blissful Remedies is herbal supply company that is based in the USA. The company specializes in wholesale herbs, extracts, and essential oils and has the goal of providing very potent and pure herbal products for people. The company products are 100% natural and these quality herbal products are available online and in retail stores at affordable cost.



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