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Black Bridesmaid Dresses

There is a taboo in the wedding wearing an old taboo of black. Now, in addition to the most conservative or traditional families, black bridesmaid dresses have become very common. Despite its popularity, the black bridesmaid dresses do raise special questions. The most noteworthy thing is how to make them look festive rather than melancholy. These are the best ways to make black dresses suitable for bridesmaid use.


Before choosing a black or any other color for your bridesmaid, consider some basic things. The color and lighting of the ceremonial venue are as important as the location and time of day. In the next wedding at 8pm in Manhattan, the black dress would look chic, but there was a 1pm prayer on the farm. Also consider how the black bridesmaid dress will be combined with other colors you wish to use for your wedding, especially flowers. For example, dark purple flowers tend to blend with black dresses, but bright bouquets like red will stand out.


One of the main reasons to choose a black bridesmaid dress is that it may make your bridesmaid happy (your mother, perhaps not so much). Its color is surely the color most likely to be worn again, because every woman can use a few "black gowns" in her closet, and the number of corals and turquoises may eventually weaken behind the closet. Since this idea is that they can wear again, it is necessary to seriously consider whether each bridesmaid should select the black mini dress she chooses among the setting parameters such as the length of the knee or no strap. As a bonus, if your waiters are friends, they don't have to worry about a party after the wedding. They will appear in the same black dress at the party!


Black is gloomy in nature, but the wedding should be festive and joyful. Balance the darkness of the black bridesmaid dress with flowers and accessories, add color or texture. When the dress is short, you can have some fun with the shoes. Keep in mind that the flatter the shoes, the color of off-road taste without affecting the entire outfit. Yellow brown, cobalt blue and pink are all interesting choices. Be wary of red shoes. These red shoes often make overly bold statements. Metallic neutrals are always beautiful bridesmaid shoes. Let each waiter choose her favorite pair of silver, gold or bronze shoes in order to enhance the overall style of the bridesmaid dress and footwear collection.

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