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Best Signs & Awnings Company in NYC- TruArtSignCo

The awning provides additional, eye-catching signage space for your business. They have many benefits, especially in commercial real estate. Not only do they provide much-needed shade (attractive), but they also add professionalism, charm, and beauty to your business. Depending on how much control you have over the awning (shape, color, etc.), they are also a great way to make your business stand out among the many local stores.


Best New York City Sign Company

If you don’t have lucky enough awnings, you can add them relatively cheaply. If they are of high quality, they are easy to clean and can maintain their appeal for many years. However, if you don’t use signage best practices correctly, awnings can easily be under-optimized. Use these tips from signage professionals to make the most of your awning:


Contrast is the key: an awning, no matter how big, is not a passage sign, monument or pole sign. In other words, they are easily overlooked. Use contrast to ensure that text/graphics pop up. For example, a dark hunter green awning with bright white text in sans-serif font will attract attention and be easy to read. Just don't overdo it. A neon pink awning with electric blue text might catch attention, but it's not the kind you want.


Keep it clean: The awning can protect your entrance from debris, rain, wind, hail, snow, freezing rain (you know). Repay their favor and give them regular care. Although they may not look dirty or worn at first glance, you may see these awnings every day. Cleaning once a month is essential, and may be more frequent, depending on your location and weather conditions.


Look at the big picture: You want your business to be noticed, but you don't want to conflict with the community. Instead of focusing on standing out, it is better to prioritize having the best awning on the block. This means that the colors and fonts are in line with the local atmosphere, but with high standards of chic quality. If you are not sure, please rely on a professional signage company to help you design the best awning for your location.


Match the awning with other signs: You want the awning to look like it was created with other signs of the area. In fact, all signs should look like they were created in one fell swoop over the past year. Otherwise, you may face a lot of signs that are clearly not carefully planned.


Focus on quality: not all awning materials are the same. Technically, you can use a budget awning, but will it last for years? Does it fade easily, or can it withstand severe winter? If selected and designed correctly, the awning can (and should!) be used for several years in daily maintenance.


Sign & Awning Company NYC

You might think that awnings are an advantage in summer, but they are actually a major feature throughout the year. They can help the entrance passage to stay cool at high temperatures and provide shelter from rain and snow in the colder months. Contact a professional logo company to help you create your own stunning awning.


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