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Current research has found that many diseases and health problems today are related to the excessive burden of toxins in the body. We live in a polluted environment. Our food, air and water are polluted by hundreds of heavy metals, which can easily enter our digestive tract and invade us.


Toxins in the air such as car exhaust, factory smoke and cigarette smoke, and chemical pollutants such as cosmetics, shampoos, deodorants, hair dyes, and nail polishes work together with the toxins in our clothes, bedding and showers to affect our bodies. Health has an adverse effect-exists. It is not an exaggeration to say that we are being bombed by a toxic threat.


The heavy metals that bear the brunt of the toxic army include: lead, mercury, aluminum, antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, bismuth, bromine, cadmium, nickel, thallium, tin and uranium.

Mercury may be one of the most famous environmental poisons and one of the most serious environmental poisons. It can come from; amalgam/silver filling leaks, where the mercury content is about 50%, large amounts of fish consumed, residues from the burning of volcanic ash and coal.


IV Drip Queens therapy today is an intravenous therapy that locates and pulls out heavy metal deposits that are not part of the body, leaving behind the basic minerals that are the foundation of a healthy body.


The toxicity of heavy metals can lead to a decrease in nitric oxide content, which leads to non-relaxation of blood vessels and a related decrease in blood flow. Chelation therapy can also effectively remove calcium and cholesterol deposits. It can reduce the content of calcium and cholesterol by removing plaque in the blood vessels, which makes this therapy particularly suitable for patients with high blood pressure and high cholesterol or a history of heart disease. Traditionally referred to as a "men" disease, heart disease is now the leading cause of death for women of all ages in the United States, and the mortality rate has risen significantly after menopause. Although the procedure is controversial and is still being tested, doctors experienced in iv therapy believe that the removal of heavy metals is an ideal medical procedure that can save lives.


Patients are carefully evaluated before being considered suitable for iv therapy, which includes multiple treatments of EDTA by IV Drip Queens. EDTA is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (AFDA) for the treatment of heavy metal poisoning, is considered safe and is often used for this purpose. Its use in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and metal detoxification as a means to improve overall health is still considered research and not considered an approved use by the FDA. Chelating agents are taught by the American Academy for the Advancement of Medicine, which has set standards for its use, and is currently being studied by the National Institutes of Health in a large multi-center clinical trial. EDTA is diluted in an intravenous infusion of salt, sugar or sterile water, and many other vitamins, minerals, bicarbonate, anesthetics or heparin are added to it.


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