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Best ERP Software For Batch Manufacturing in Africa, Nigeria

Batch Pro

The Batch Manufacturing ERP system for mass production in the chemical industry provides its customers with operational advantages such as lead-to-cash, order-to-performance and purchase-to-pay operations. It brings its user products to market in a cost-effective manner while ensuring high quality and compliance with industry regulations.


One of the most powerful ERP systems in the system mass production module, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), helps improve the customer relationship and billing of the organization. The system allows its users to proactively resolve and improve any problem or requirement using real-time data. It simplifies many manufacturing processes, such as bill of materials (BOM), packing and batch entry of bills of materials, batch and bill processing, private label, custom orders, bills of lading, and more. Batch manufacturing software maintains an advantage over competing systems by using proprietary languages ​​and databases. Based on extensive research, development and testing by Microsoft, BatchPro has proven to be a powerful ERP system.

ERP for Batch Manufacturing

Data security in ERP for Batch Manufacturing

Data security measures have been highly valued, making it the best erp for manufacturing systems. Security features include masking data leaks and enabling users to grant and control access to information.


Lowest cost

BatchPro is designed for excellence with operational visibility and embedded support for a variety of manufacturing processes such as production by order, order-to-order, order-to-order, order-to-order, instant (JIT) batch manufacturing and material control, and lean Operation. The system is an advanced resource planning operation that is well suited to the effective competition of SMBs in the market on a global scale.


Achieve business challenges

Implementing an ERP system in Africa can immediately reduce inventory, operations and management costs. It improves organizational customer service and response times while addressing the issues of multiple branches in an organization. It also standardizes and accelerates the manufacturing process at all manufacturing locations. It simplifies the order fulfillment process and facilitates connections to partner and supplier enterprise systems.

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