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Best Electronic Components Platform - Allchips

Who is the best electronic components platform? AVNET? DIGIKEY? MOUSER? No, The answer is Allchips.



First, AVNET, DIGIKEY, MOUSER are electronic components distributors, not platform.


Second, Allchips is the first and best electronic components platform with over 1000 suppliers and more than 10,000,000 components part numbers.


Electronic components platform - (external link removed)

Allchips is an electronic components platform provides one-stop electronic components supply chain solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises without mature supply chains and professional procurement. The platform combines the big data and the artificial intelligence technology , offering to calculate the cost ,manage the risks , suggest the alternative parts and complete the electronic components supply service of the BOM. So Allchips becomes the second procurement department of the electronic manufacturers, helping them to complete the manufacture plan, improve the efficiency, save the labour resource, time and the components cost.




Many customers of small and medium-sized enterprises buy components, always suffer from no professional procurement team that leads to storage management chaos. When they purchasing a large quantities of components, it is not only necessary to conduct brand screening and price comparison, but also to consider the delivery time. In this way, it will cost a lot of time.

Allchips as the second procurement department of the electronic manufactures, to do this, has launched(external link removed)to provides one-stop supply chain services.


First of all, In the process of merchants' entry, Allchips will be strict with the process of entry conditions. Up to now, we have cooperated with over 1000 brand manufacturers and authorized agents, covering 80% of the main brands of electronic component.


Secondly, Allchips has more than 30 professionals with 5 years' experience in purchasing team. For instance, the customer submits a 10 thousand BOM plan to Allchips, and the BOM is involved in 200 brands, the service ratio from Allchips is 30:1. Increased at least 5 times of the purchasing efficiency comparing with customer’s purchasing team. Sometimes there is a shortage of materials in the production process, and cannot be bought within a short period of time in the BOM or the materials has stopped production, Allchips will provide customers with alternative materials to suggestions. Small and medium-sized enterprises used to spend one month to complete the purchase, it only takes 7-10 days or less in Allchips.


In the end, with the landing of the new storage center in 2008, the delivery speed will increase 5-10 times. In the future, the customer will not have a series of problems because there is no spot goods, at the same time, the storage capacity and delivery speed of Allchips will be greatly improved.


Looking to the future, the service capacity of the new storage center in Allchips will continue to improve. In order to optimize customers' demands, Allchips will soon launch the full inspection service (BOM+). The product type, composition, working temperature , life cycle and a series of product’s problems will be fully inspected. A product report will be generated after the complete inspection, the intelligent service of the new storage center will serve more and more users in the future.


What kind of customers does Allchips serve?

For small and medium-sized enterprises who without professional purchasing teams and mature supply chain teams, Allchips are always committed to provide better service to them. At different stages, Allchips will be a professional team to connect services and provide solutions according to specific demands.

Electronic Components Platform

BOM IN ONE BOX, as the Allchips All-in-one Procurement Solution for Electronic Components. It’s also the supply chain tool to solve your one-stop purchasing. It’s also the supply chain tool to solve your one-stop purchasing. It greatly improved the production efficiency of customers, and also improves the cooperation efficiency and delivery speed between customers and Allchips.

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