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Best Condo Property Management

ATLAS NYC specializes in property management for condos and homeowners associations in New York City and surrounding areas. We work with condos, townhouses and homeowners associations as well as investors seeking rental property management.


We follow industry trends and provide our clients with the latest services to help them get the most out of their money. With a strong focus on technology, we can increase productivity and reduce costs for our customers.


We guarantee the lowest total cost of condominium management for your association!


Apartment management

ATLAS NYC Condo Management is committed to reducing waste and creating value for our clients by implementing innovative and current competitive analysis. We're also working to improve your organization's communication and transparency.


Board members have professional obligations to their organization, which we take very seriously. ATLAS NYC is committed to assisting board members with all association issues to ensure the smooth running of the association.


Standard service

• Serve as a liaison to the Board of Directors.

• Create web pages for your organization.

• Add homeowner files and meeting minutes to your account.

• Up-to-date resident and supplier information.

• Develop a maintenance plan.

Managed Services

• Encourage residents to communicate with each other.

• Ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

• Handling code leaks and architecture requests

• Assemble welcome packs for newcomers.

• Make it easier to get in and out

• Attend board meetings

• Organizing and holding annual meetings

• Regularly inspect the property.

• Track routine maintenance.

• Prepare and evaluate capital improvement bids

• Responsible for capital improvement programs.

• Process supplier contracts

• Assisting association lawyers with legal issues

• Submit insurance claims and waste tax refunds

• Provide occupants with necessary information during the sale of a home.

• Assist in implementing preventive maintenance programs

• Regular cost-cutting recommendations

Financial Services

• Compile evaluation

• Manage collections older than 90 days.

• Review and pay any invoices submitted for payment.

• Provide weekly and annual financial statements.

• Reconcile your bank account monthly.

• Assist in setting annual budget

• Recommended Reserve Account Savings Strategy

• Prepare and file annual reports for the company.

• Prepare and file corporate tax returns

• Interactive website (free)


To increase transparency and improve communication within the association, all clients receive an interactive website. Board members can also view all financial and operational information on this website at their leisure.


Interactive Association Website

ATLAS NYC is committed to improving the transparency and communication of your association. Interactive websites provide a unique opportunity for your association to exchange information and raise awareness with locals.


ATLAS NYC provides these interactive websites to all of our clients to share information and improve communication within the association. We understand that each association operates differently, so we will set up your association's website according to your requirements.


The interactive website has a comprehensive admin section that allows you to handle all the material on the website, so you don't have to rely on others to stay up to date.


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