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Best Child Support Lawyers in Brooklyn

A child support attorney is an attorney who specializes in family law, primarily in cases related to child support. They work hard to make sure their children's financial needs are met after their parents divorce. They are even responsible for providing legal advice to parents who cannot afford child support.

Child support is the legal obligation of parents to provide financial and other assistance to their children. This responsibility is not limited to the parent with custody of the child. The law recognizes that even if divorced, both parents have the obligation to bring up their children.


Queens Divorce Lawyers

In other words, child support is an ongoing payment made by one parent to the other for child support. Payments are made according to the state's guidelines, which take into account both parents' income and the amount of time they spend with their children.


A child support attorney can help you with any legal issues related to your child's well-being, including:

• Help parents establish their parental rights

• Represent parents in court

• Negotiate on behalf of the child with the other parent

• Helps execute commands in various ways

• Collection of past due or unpaid child support

• And, if necessary, file a motion to amend the order.


Best Child Support Lawyers in Brooklyn

If you are looking for the best child support attorneys in Brooklyn, Beckerman & Granados, PLLC is your best choice. They have years of experience in the legal industry and have used their expertise to successfully handle thousands of child support cases over time. You can contact their excellent team of professionals by calling 718 374 5642 or by filling out a simple questionnaire on their official website You can even share the details of your case by emailing and get their help at the most competitive rates.

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