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Beliefs and paranormal patterns are what spark the interest of the Brazilian so-called Nostradamus descendent

In a world full of terror and pain, some are born in this world to quench and minimize the pain for their fellow humans. But some are like a stone in their way, a hurdle that must be removed for them to peacefully do their duties. We have a similar story of Athos Salomé, a gypsy and a parapsychologist who has been the oldest paranormality expert in Brazil.


He has several predictions under his belt which came true in recent years. But some reporters are taking turns to humiliate him and calling him a fake, that he has other intentions to get the fame, that his purpose is modelling and such. Nobody should have any right to point fingers at one without any tangible proof. You cannot go about and dissect every piece of information on his Facebook page and call him a model with other intentions.


Many people have their interests and beliefs, but Athos Salomé has is gifted with powers he didn’t know existed. So, he put those powers into something good and made predictions that have become crucial to the world.


If we talk about his Nostradamus descendant claim, nobody said he’s a Nostradamus descendant. He has the same beliefs and powers as the Nostradamus had. Athos Salome doesn’t have to follow society’s standards of Nostradamus, and getting compared to Nostradamus is quite an achievement for him that he has proved by his paranormal experience.


Nostradamus has some predictions which didn’t come out to be true. The same goes for Baba Vanga so, that doesn’t mean Athos is mimicking them to get fame. The prediction of Covid19 is one of the best achievements for him. He doesn’t want people’s validation.


It’s a known fact that the more you become popular and successful the more hatred will be thrown at you for no reason. People will be at your doorstep, pulling your legs for their views and their benefits. Athos Salome needs to ignore them and continue his journey of parapsychology and paranormality.


Self-promotion and publicity are unnecessary for a real magician. That the comparison of Nostradamus, Baba Vanga are his patients' endearing nicknames for him, and that some previous postings of predictions he made went viral on the Internet and the press began to inquire about him. Athos Salomé  is a quiet person who wants to live a normal life. to assert that people are wicked and that they talk without first attempting to understand the tale and verifying forecasts and information.


And, in order to protect patients' and people's feelings, he has always tried to avoid uttering hurtful things, because each person's life is more essential.


In the times of getting hatred by some reporters, Athos Salome is immensely grateful to the people who admired his work and saw his visions through his eyes, it enriches his soul and wants to help people in times of an outbreak.


The reporters took some points and pointed out that he’s a good-looking guy and a public figure the kind you find in the modelling business, not in the psychic world. This is absolutely a baseless approach to spew hatred at him. According to them, good-looking people can’t be psychic, it’s a pointless claim by them and needs their heads sorted out.

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