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Behind The Winning Investments - HULT Private Capital

Leading private equity firm, HULT Private Capital, offering bespoke client benefits as investors plan to put more into more money into the private equity asset class in 2018


HULT Private Capital is one of the leading providers of fund management service with a proven track record of delivering excellent services in the private equity investment space. In addition to its wide range of premium quality active management services, the firm offers several benefits to its clients including no management fees, tax-free best investments, and guaranteed growth. The private equity firm is once again in the forefront of service providers as investors look to plough more money into private equity in 2018.


Private equity is one of the asset classes that have grown in popularity and acceptance in recent times. This is particularly due to its profitability and this claim was substantiated with the figures recorded in 2017. The figures released by HULT Capital showed a remarkable 16% portfolio return on private equity, reiterating the profitability of private equity investments as well as the company’s competence and dedication.


A survey conducted by adviser Rede Partners revealed that more investors are looking to plough more money into private equity. The 166 investors surveyed by Rede Partners have more than €6.4 trillion (£5.7 trillion) in assets under management, with around €1.3 trillion allocated to private equity. The survey did not only show that investors intend ploughing more money into private equity, but also expect to more returns from fund managers in the next 12 months.

Hult private capital - understanding your needs

While global investors have expressed their support for private equity, investors based in the UK, Nordics, the United States and Benelux have been identified to show the strongest support for the asset class, with US investors showing more positive sentiments as compared with their European counterparts.


"Through a year of tax reform, buoyant equity markets and political uncertainty, investments in the asset class have outperformed," said Rede Partners' Scott Church.


“As equity volatility has been reintroduced to the market in 2018, we can expect institutional investors to continue to allocate to private equity over the coming months to anchor more stable returns.”


“At HULT, we focus on providing superior risk-adjusted returns to our clients through a true open architecture platform. Investments are changing and the world continues to bring new ideas to the table. Having a management firm like HULT Private Capital on your side allows you to invest smart without having to worry about diversification, 360, or tax implications. We take care of management needs and perform exactly how you would expect a World Class Fund Management company to,” says Lewis G. Hill, HULT Private Capital Fund Director.


HULT Private Capital’s successful track record has made it a leading service provider in the industry and the firm has continued to be one of the most sought-after private equity firms in the industry. “Our mission is to go above and beyond client expectations by providing world-class financial services. We’ve built lifelong relationships with our clients — friendships founded on trust, respect, and integrity,” says HULT’s Capital Fund Director, Lewis G. Hill.


HULT looks to continue in its excellent service delivery and leadership position in the industry in 2018 and beyond as investors globally are already seeking the services of the firm. This is particularly easy with HULT Private Capital having offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.


More information about HULT Private Capital and the services provided can be found on the website as well as Twitter and LinkedIn.


About HULT Private Capital

Hult Private Capital is a leading private equity firm with a successful track record. The firm believes that solid business execution and patient capital is a winning combination for long-term success. The company is dedicated to doing everything possible to give clients the best chance for investment success.

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