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Babyliss Pro Gold FX Trimmer and Hair Salon Furniture - Kingdom Beauty

The Babyliss Pro Gold FX Trimmer is manufactured by an electric motor that can move the blade left and right to quickly trim the hair and shape the hairline. Over the years, the trimmer has been redesigned to reduce weight and portability. With the newer battery technology, the trimmer gradually becomes cordless, and ultimately it takes less time between charges. Nowadays, trimmers are very suitable for designers to hold all day, and they do not require so much preparation time. Here are several trimmers offered by some of the most popular hair tool brands:


Trimmer and Hair Salon Furniture is one of the most trusted products used by hairdressers around. They continue to incorporate new technologies into their products to provide consumers with the best products. Their Platinum Artisan Trimmer is designed for precise shaping and trimming of hair. It is very light, but powerful, and can be used without a power cord.


The blade of this model is made of stainless steel and has a titanium coating to help eliminate wear after long-term use. It is less than four inches long and easy to handle. It has an adjustable ring and can be used for left-handed or right-handed people, and can also be used to hang trimmers. The blade of this model is easy to snap, and there are five different blade sizes.


For many years, Wahl has been leading the hairdressing industry with innovative equipment, and they continue to introduce products that make it easy to cut hair at home or in a salon environment. Their lithium ion trimmer is the world's first trimming device using lithium ion technology.


The battery of this model is rechargeable and extremely lightweight. The model has six guides and four interchangeable heads. It also comes with a cleaning brush, blade oil, charger and storage rack to make maintenance and charging the trimmer simple and convenient. The price of this model is very affordable, very suitable for salon or home use.


Babyliss Pro Gold FX Trimmer is another very popular brand of razors and trimmers, and its new cruZer beard and head trimmer is perfect for trimming beards, contouring or trimming hairstyles. It comes with an adjustable comb that can stay in place to make your hair exude the desired length. This model is equipped with a dual battery system, so it is very powerful.


This trimmer is specially made to cut beards and the actual length of hair. The advantage of this model is that the entire shell is sealed, so it can run underwater for easy cleaning. This model is a cordless phone that can be charged. Nowadays, there are many choices of dressers, and they are very advanced and can be used in salons or homes.


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