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Babyliss FX787G Trimmer By Beautician Supplies in Canada

Babyliss FX787G has a collection of hair straighteners, hair dryers, trimmers, hair clippers, curling irons, hair clips and special irons, which incorporate different types of heating surfaces and technologies.


The Nano Titanium series has a variety of different curling tongs, with different barrel sizes. In the Nano Titanium series of curling tools, you can also find curling wands and rockers. Nano-titanium also provides hair extensions of different sizes, and heating makes the hair curl perfect. Nano titanium hair straighteners have different plate sizes. The sides of these straighteners are rounded, so they can be used to create perfect straight, wavy or curly hair. Nano titanium dryer has extremely fast drying speed and strong pressure. Some of these models promise to completely dry their hair in five to six minutes.


Forex's Babyliss provides hairdressers with high-power electric clippers and trimmers that are more powerful than other leading brands. Some of their clippers contain high-torque DC motors, whose muscle power is 50% higher than electromagnetic motors. Many models provide faster cutting speeds and better taper options. The design of the trimmer is more fashionable and lighter than other brands.


The Babyliss FX787G provides high-quality hair straighteners and hair dryers, combining tourmaline and ceramic technology to make hair look smoother and brighter. These products contain far-infrared heat, which reduces styling time and releases ions to combat frizz. The BaByliss hair straightener is available in different sizes and has an attachable comb that can be used to comb the hair while straightening. The hair dryer is super light, can dry hair quickly, and is powerful.


The ceramic porcelain series includes both spring curlers and Marcel curlers. The Marcel curling iron turns around from the convenient tightening handle at one end, allowing you to quickly wrap your hair around the iron without rotating your wrist. The straightening irons in this series produce uniform heat distribution, and the heat can reach up to 450 degrees. Their plate size is thinner and wider, which can create awesome sleek hair. The dryers in this series are powerful, but also very soft, with 6 heating/speed options, and the effect is very good.


The ceramic tool series provides various sizes of curling tongs. The barrel is made of ceramic and has 25 different heating settings, up to 400 degrees. Ceramic tool straightening irons are available in full size and compact size in Beautician Supplies. These boards are made of ceramic and have dual voltage options, so they can be used internationally.


The BaByliss series has a variety of dryer models with excellent power and fast drying functions. Its sleek design is very suitable for salon use, and has a variety of heating settings to achieve the ideal temperature. The series also contains hair clips of different sizes to form tight and loose curls. They can heat the cushion to the ideal temperature.


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