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AWS (Amazon Web Services) training is a comprehensive course we provide to participants. AWS is known as a widely used secure cloud service platform. Our AWS Training London courses will enable you to use database storage, computing power, content delivery, and more.


In this training course, we provide you with learning how to run a web application server in the cloud to other dynamic websites.


We will also teach you how to store and manage all the files you need in the cloud so that those who need it can access resources anytime, anywhere. You will learn to use SQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL, as well as the process of using a content delivery network (CDN) and sending bulk emails to customers.


Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a reliable, scalable and reasonably priced cloud computing platform and API (application programming interface) provided by Amazon on-demand. It is suitable for individuals, governments and even companies. It is a pay-as-you-go service.



  • There are no specific prerequisites for this course.


What will you gain after finishing this course

  • Upon successful completion, you will become a professional AWS expert
  • You can expand your job opportunities
  • With the help of this course, you will learn more details about AWS tools and features.
  • You can learn the core concepts needed to work effectively in AWS


Who is this certification for?

  • System engineers and computer professionals who are willing to use the AWS cloud platform
  • Anyone willing to develop their career at AWS
  • Information Technology Student


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