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Aurinko Academy - Best School and PU College in Bangalore

Aurinko Academy is a K - 12 Progressive Learning Space in Bangalore that aims at strengthening the core of each child while enabling him/her to build a Toolkit for Life beyond a packet of certificates.  


Aurinko Academy welcomes children and adults who desire a Free Responsible Learning Environment and want to embark on a Lifelong Learning Journey!


Nature and Nurture work hand in hand at Aurinko to facilitate learning experiences that enrich a child’s life. The Aurinko Ecosystem is the first curriculum of the child. 


At Aurinko, the curriculum fits around the child’s needs to allow a flexible and enjoyable learning experience. The approach identifies the strong bond between all developmental domain: – motor/physical, cognitive, social/emotional, communication/language, and self-help


Teachers at Aurinko have one goal in mind, to plant a wish in the child’s mind

  • to learn,
  • to be content,
  • to be responsible, and
  • to love himself, the environment and the community.


Aurinko is interested in the journey of learning, in children being free, fearless while exploring and connecting with the subject matter that motivates and interests them and utilizes their unique capacities.


The Aurinko Environment allows a child to actively participate and socially co-construct knowledge with each other and the adult. 


The Aurinko teacher is a facilitator of learning, rather than a director. Learning at Aurinko is an active process; the focus is upon the learner more than on the subject or lesson to be taught.


Through observation, reflection and diagnostic assessment we are able to identify the impact of the methodology on the child. This is used to modify the content, teaching strategies, and differentiation of instruction to suit the child’s needs.


Aurinko Academy is aimed at providing a learning environment for children where their core is safeguarded and strengthened with the help of the Aurinko Ecosystem – Parents, Family, Teachers, and the Community. Our ecosystem supports various programs, experiences and interventions so that children add various skills to their Toolkit.


The Aurinko methodology has been highly recognized. We have won several awards across India for our learning philosophy like the Innovative Education Award by Education Today in 2020.


  • India's best Alternative School, for three consecutive years 2017-18 and 2018-19 2019-20
  • India’s best Project Based Learning School in 2017 and 2018.
  • Best School for Innovative Practices 2018-19
  • Best Parental Engagement 2018-19
  • Best School Happiness Quotient Index 2018-19
  • Best Unique Methodology School in India 2019
  • Best Progressive School for Progressive Education, Cultural and Academic Excellence 2019
  • Best K to 12 Innovative school


Dr Chetana Keni, Founder of Aurinko is an education thought leader who has received several words for her visionary educational philosophy and methodology.

  • Transformational Leader of the Year 2019
  • India's most Prominent Woman for Outstanding Contribution to Alternate Education 2019
  • Rashtriyashiksha ratan award 2019
  • Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019
  • Sheroes of the year 2020


In our decade of running, Aurinko Academy has always focused on the “Whole-Child”. The curriculum is integrated, emergent and child-centered and offers equal learning opportunities for all children tailored to their needs, interests and levels. Aurinko offers a free, safe, enriching and enthused environment for people who work with us. Call: (+91) 9845497901


School Name - Aurinko Academy


School Address-No. 91, Opposite to KSRP Camp, Hosa Road, Parappana Agrahara, Bengaluru 560100


School Phone-  9845497901/96633 77239


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