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AtlasNYC – Best Property Management Companies in New York City

The Best Property Management Company in New York City analyzes real estate market trends, leveraging extensive knowledge and industry-leading market research capabilities and extensive advanced database resources to boost your home sales. We obtain all relevant information such as tax records and assessments, recent sales records, nearby schools, restaurants, property inspections, local market conditions and more to help clients draw conclusions about when to sell.


We manage assets and help people acquire homeownership to deliver a world-class, high-quality real estate experience. Our services always outperform the market and add value to your property.


ATLAS NYC specializes in property management for Brooklyn multifamily, condos, co-ops and homeowners associations. Professional investors and first-time homebuyers alike can benefit from the company's services. When managing your property, we anticipate difficulties, identify challenges and implement solutions.


ATLAS NYC is familiar with the local market and the rules and regulations of New York City, New York State and New York County. At the state and local level, we lead the way in rent and tax compliance. Our expertise includes rent stabilization, rent control and subsidized eligible units.


An ATLAS NYC property manager will manage your investment property including tenant reviews, application screening, credit, criminal and background checks, lease enforcement and renewals, property maintenance inspections, property maintenance requests, rent collection, legal and eviction issues, rental tax filings, Property inspections, moving in and out and full accounting.


Buying or selling a residential or commercial property for the first time can be difficult. There are several factors to consider, including the value of the property, listing, attracting buyers, arranging inspections, and more. ATLAS NYC makes managing any residential or commercial property easier. Our skilled real estate agents are ready to help you through the process and prevent costly stumbling blocks. Our property managers have over ten years of expertise in selling, buying, leasing and leasing properties.


ATLAS NYC believes in empowering our clients to make the right decisions. Our professional property managers have extensive expertise in buying and selling investment homes in New York. Our goal is to sell, buy, lease and lease various properties as seamlessly as possible for our clients. Atlas NYC property managers are well-versed in market analysis and modern real estate methods to ensure the best deal for you.


Through unrivaled industry expertise, competent leadership and a relentless dedication to service, our property managers effectively adapt to the diversity of markets, people and individual client needs. From start to finish, we provide a wide range of integrated real estate services. If you need a professional property manager, you can rely on ATLAS NYC property managers. For a free consultation, contact our experts today! We are happy to hear from you!

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