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ATLAS Co-Op Management - Best Property in Manhattan

Whether you're a native New Yorker or a visitor, the city's architecture may be captivating. While it is impossible to recognize every structure in Manhattan, there are a few that you must be familiar with, particularly the most well-known prewar luxury apartment buildings.


Our professionals make it their business to understand your needs and help you find the ideal property in Manhattan, whether you're buying a townhouse or selling a country cottage, leasing corporate office space, or renting farmland.


ATLAS Co-Op Management is a firm with more than a decade of real estate experience. We are a full-service property management business with real estate market expertise to enhance your property's profit margin.  We encouraged owners to communicate with tenants and the Management Company, and board members should be aware that it is our policy to meet with cooperative and condominium owners regularly.


ATLAS NYC Property Management is a property management firm based in New York City. When it comes to property management, we take a highly proactive approach. We'll look at all parts of the property, including present service contracts and structures, as well as participate in all of the property's day-to-day activities. Every home has a unique narrative to tell, and we recognize that yours may require extra care in some areas. We will strive to provide you with the level of service that you would expect from a management firm while also providing you with the most cutting-edge inventive techniques to better service your property.


While we recognize that selecting the correct management company can be difficult, please give ATLAS NYC Co-Op Management the chance to visit with you at your property and at your leisure to discuss your needs and how we can help you and your investment. We take great pleasure in our commitment to our properties.


In New York, the seller pays the agency fees. Despite this, the buyer's agent's fiduciary responsibility is to the buyer, whereas the seller's agent's fiduciary responsibility is to the seller. As required by law, this will be mentioned explicitly in the New York real estate disclosure form. If a buyer is not represented by an agent, the seller's representative keeps the entire pre-negotiated commission because of his or her devotion to the seller. As a result, having agent representation to help find the perfect home, negotiate the price, and handle the entire buying process is in the buyer's best interest.


Through the Real Estate Board of New York's real estate trade agreement, all agents have access to the whole inventory of properties for sale.


A buyer's agent's job is to find the perfect home for you, not just give you access to look at it. The brokerage community strongly advises buyers not to use several agents because this will confuse them.


A potential client should interview numerous agents before deciding on one. We expect client loyalty because we will be completely focused on assisting our customers in finding the ideal property. This is a common expectation among all reputable brokers.

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