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Asia Claim Ending The ERA of Sales Fraud with Amazing Services

Leading consumer watchdogs, Asia Claim, helping to put an end to the era of direct sales fraud by providing easy access to litigation and dispute resolution

Asia Claim is one of the leading services providers in the advisory sector particularly in Asia, offering a wide range of litigation and dispute resolution services to individuals and institutional clients in different parts of Asia. The company aims to put drastically reduce the incidence of sales fraud or probably put an end to the era of the unfortunate phenomenon that has led to the undeserved loss especially in the area of finance.

The topic of sales fraud and other such acts seems to be on the rise not only in the Asian region but across the globe, with business across different industries taking advantage of unsuspecting clients and failing to deliver on their promises, consequently leading to financial losses. Sales fraud and other such related crimes have also been identified to lead to emotional and psychological illnesses. Unfortunately, the plights of victims of this situation have not been able to get the kind of support required to compensate for their loss. This is where Asia Claim is looking to make a difference by bringing some level of justice to victims.

Asia Claim is described as consumer watchdogs using the latest technologies in the corporate, commercial and retail sales industry to offer respite to aggrieved clients. The company provides affordable, economically viable access to litigation and dispute resolution for SME businesses and private individuals.

The company’s unique combination of affordability and excellent service is a major attribute that stands it out from other service providers in the industry, especially with is no win no fee feature. With no upfront payment required and the client not required to appear in court, Asia Claim provides convenience to each client and has become a household name in Singapore and with several Malaysian clients.

Some of the categories of services offered by the company include Group Litigation – NO WIN NO FEE, Mediation, and Advisory services. With a presence in different parts of the world including Asia and Europe in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom, as well as partnerships with international companies, Asia Claim has grown to be a household name in the industry.

Land banking, plantation, and forestry, alcohol investments, timeshare and holiday clubs, gold, diamond, commodities, and oil are some of the potential claims handled by Asia Claim.

More information about Timeshare scam Asia Claim and the services offered can be found on their website.


About Asia Claim

Asia Claim is a litigation and dispute resolution services provider headquartered in Jakarta. The mission of the company is to help individuals and businesses recover their money and claims from bad investments and sales fraud.

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