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Aromatherapy Oils Make Good Scents, Scented Oils That Is!

Aromatic oils are one of the hottest crazes in alternative treatments right now.  Therapeutic scented oils are flying off the shelf these days and there’s a good reason why…they make good scents.   And, they make great sense too!

 Aromatherapy Oils

“Aromatherapy essential oils not only smell wonderful, they are very therapeutic,” stated Natural Science scholar Lydia Collier, owner of the Health and Beauty Company, La Beauty Pure.  “As more and more people are steering away from traditional medicine, they are gravitating towards alternative measures for healing such as essential oils.  It is amazing how essential oils really work but then again, they always have.”


With deep roots that dug in centuries ago, it was discovered that the oils of plants and flowers could be extracted to render a concentrated oil which is now referred to as essential oil.  Since the ancients already depended heavily on plants and flowers for healing, they were delighted to have found a more potent version that could provide even better medicinal values. 


In the book, “Essential Oils for Healing”, the healing properties of essential oils are discussed in depth.  The book lists a number of benefits that various aromatherapy oils provide such as lavender is good for relief of stress, peppermint increases energy and rosemary promotes focus. In addition, it tells what individual diseases individual aromatherapy oils are helpful for like frankincense is said to be conducive for prevention and treatment of cancer cells. 


Aromatic oils used in aromatherapy enter the body through inhalation.  This can happen via mist, diffusing, vaporizing, steam distribution, direct inhalation and other methods as well.  Not only does the inhalation of essential oils provide medicinal relief for conditions such as congestion, stress and headaches, they also offer very pleasant scents, or most do at least.


“The brain is an amazing organ,” Collier explained. “Just a smell can trigger what is called the “old brain” to recall a memory like happens when the scent of apple take you back to happy times in your childhood when you and your Grandmother baked apple pies.  That’s basically what happens when you inhale essential oils for treating what ails you.”


Essential Oils for Healing” gives an in depth look at how scented oils work on the brain when inhaled.  It explains how a scent is first sensed in an organ called the hypothalamus which is located in the brain and is responsible for regulating functions like emotions, hunger, sleep and growth.  The hypothalamus then sends a message to the hippocampus which is an area of the brain that is associated with memory.  That’s when the magic happens, according to the information in the book.  A process called neuro-associative conditioning springs into action which initiates such things as memories to be triggered and healing to take place.


Aromatic oils are the essence of plants and flowers that have been used for healing and emotional therapy throughout the ages.  They were in existence long before chemically derived medications were invented.  The difference is that essential oils are derived from nature.  They are safe and effective and basically have no side effects.  Just as in the olden days, using the scented oils makes good scents as well as good sense.

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