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Arabic Translation is a way of communication

In the early centuries, the Church had deemed and proclaimed that English was the language of the lower classes. It was not recognized as a language in Rome, where whoever was caught speaking the tongue was thrown into the punishment pit.

However, eventually people saw that they had the power of change. That was when the world slowly learnt English. Now, it is the most spoken language in the world, along with French and Arabic. From business, to entertainment, to pavement chit-chat, to transactions and deals, English is the dominant language.

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Take the Arabic language for instance: as of the year 2008 there were already 422 million native speakers of the language, yet that number is still behind compared to the English language, which is spoken by more than a billion people. But as commerce or acts of friendship take place all over the world, translation makes communication easier.

Arabic Translation is the vehicle to understanding English. Everyone perceives it as hard to translate English into Arabic because of its complex alphabet and writing system. The words are written from right to left, as opposed to the English way of writing. Words are sometimes connected to each other; sometimes the connection is at the front, sometimes it is in the middle or at the end, depending on the word or letter. It is also useful to know that the numbering system that is used by almost everyone is Arabic, (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…..).

If everybody only communicates using their native language, how will everyone understand each other? If the story of the Tower of Babel is true, that once upon a time, people constructed a very tall tower to reach heaven, and that God punished the people for doing so by giving people a different language so that they could not understand each other, thus stopping the construction of the tower because of lack of communication, then language translation or learning a particular language is man’s remedy for this punishment.

Once you are talking in a way that’s similar to your neighbor’s you are already building a community. Arabic Translation is just another opportunity for Arabs to compete with the rest of the world.

Arabic Translation is a unique way of connecting Asia to other countries that speak English. Opening the portal of communication to the world is just the beginning of understanding people’s ideas, philosophy, culture, tradition, suffering and sentiments. Arabic Translation lets you understand what is happening outside your country.

Through Arabic Translation, the foreignness of English or any other language is no longer hidden in its phonetic sound. Everybody deserves a fair chance. The world is talking. You are listening. Do you understand what it says? If not, then have it translated.


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