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An Undercover Reporter Reveals What Kratom Is all About

USA – No product has been so controversial, highly debated, opposed, and supported. Perhaps, it was a perfect drug. Perhaps, it was a killer drug. Take a little dose and you are having stimulating effects similar to the one from a strong cup of coffee. Consume a higher dose and you experience its sedating and pain killing power. It is a natural plant that is popular and ever present in Asian medicine. For centuries, it has been used in that part of the world as part of treatment methods for various illnesses. Nowadays, more and more Americans are using it as the better alternative to heroin and prescription pain killing drugs.


Yes, as effective it can be as a natural remedy, it can also be very addictive like the opioid drugs and it can also cause severe nausea. That is the contradiction that will perplex even the most erudite scientist. You over-consumed it and you still have less overdose risk to experience. This explains why people who are working to fight the record high level of overdose deaths are showing more interest in the drug. But, what kind of drug is this that has so much to give and so much to take away from anyone?


The drug is no other than Kratom. Of course, someone may say it has narcotic effect and this writer is not trying to dispute that. However, many people who are working hard to reduce the harm any drug can have on anyone and some other patients believe that Kratom provides path to relief and recovery. But, of recent, it has been termed “drug of abuse” by the media. Report in the New York Times and elsewhere on Kratom as an easily abused drug has caused much concern among people. It is very likely that kratom gets banned and not studied. However, this will be a mistake as it could lead to secret proliferation of the drug. More harm could be done than good if it is banned. However, to protect the public, more flexible ways of drug regulation can be adopted.



Is kratom a New Drug?

Kratom has being in use in Thailand and Malaysia for centuries. It was originally intended to strengthen workers, reduce pain, and treat diarrhea. During the 1940s, Kratom was used to relieve symptoms of opium withdrawal. It was so effective that government revenue from opium taxes dropped sharply, leading to outright ban by the Thai government in 1943.


In the USA, it is relatively new and this explains the doubt about the desirability or otherwise of Kratom. Herbal medicines and supplements in the USA are lightly regulated. For now, only four American states have banned the use of Kratom.


The other challenge the drug is facing now is coming from The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The organization has placed it on its list of "drugs of concern." Perhaps, the fact that DEA has classified Kratom as a drug of concern contributed to the call for its ban. At the moment, lawmakers in New York and Florida are both considering banning Kratom.


Is Kratom Dangerous?

As stated above, Kratom is relatively new in the USA. Unlike in Thailand and other Asia countries where Kratom is well-known, its history in the USA has little to tell. As a result, little research has been carried out about its effects on human, both negative and positive. Kratom may be considered as a dangerous drug in the USA, but the fact is that it is also believed to have some benefits. But, there are certain people who think otherwise. Some people have maintained that Kratom has some addiction potential.


Also, there have been reports of severe jaundice and hepatitis as a result of using Kratom. Liver problems and seizures were also reported. However, the long-term effects of taking Kratom remain a misery.


Actually, the risk of overdose is high in Kratom because it is made available in tick powder and users may find it difficult to determine overdose level. But, there is no denying the fact Kratom bring about calming and relaxing feeling for users and this is why some have said it is not dangerous and cannot be seen as having the same side effects of opioid drugs.


Moreover, it has being in used in Thailand and other Asia countries for a long time and has not been outlawed. It is used medically with no one saying it is dangerous. In the USA, it is difficult to regulate by the DEA because those companies selling it like Blissful Remedies do not claim it treats any disease. As a result, DEA cannot subject Kratom to clinical testing.


In conclusion, the claim that Kratom is a dangerous street drug is something that has not be proved medically. For this reason and from the findings of this reporter, it would be wise for those claiming that Kratom is dangerous to examine the drug again. And those who support its use need to explain their reasons by coming forward to educate the public. The decision to take Kratom or not should be left for individual to decide.



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