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All you need to know About CoinField Bitcoin Exchange: The Easiest and Fastest Way to Buy and Sell Bitcoin and All other Crypto Currency



Trading crypto currencies are increasing popularity in every part of the world and becoming a lucrative business for investors with interest in the digital currency. CoinField as one of the largest and most advanced crypto currency exchange platform in Canada is in the forefront to ensure this trade succeeds. CoinField is more diversified with various digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin to choose from. The platform has established itself hence its ability to withstand stiff completion in the industry.

The reasons that help the CoinField to thrive and rise above other platforms in not only Canada abut also Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa includes:


Ease of Use

The platform is very impressive to interact with, the registration process is very easy since one needs to complete as an online form by quickly filling in a valid email, name, and password. In just a few minutes the signing up process is confirmed. Even for new users find it easy to trade due to the assistance of real-time order book, trading history, and charting tools. The platform is even more interesting since it has developed a mobile application which is secure, fast and simple to use. The application is free to download as well as compatible with Android and iOS devices making it more accessible to customers.


Lowest Fees

Another reason behind the success of the CoinField is low charges administered on a transaction as compared to other platforms. For instance, that platform charges a constant of .49% on the normal transaction and a fee of .69% for any XRP pair.


Increased liquidity

Most of the crypto currency's platforms are very volatile and not reliable in term of their liquidity. However, CoinField is booming and making good profits which intern increase the company's rate of return. The higher liquidity growth rate makes CoinFiled more a better alternative in comparison to its potential competitors with low liquidity level.


Round-The-Clock Support

Since crypto currency trade is still unfamiliar to many investors, there is always the necessity to make inquiries here and there regarding its complexity. Thus CoinField has employed a dedicated and friendly support team that works around the clock to solve and answer all customers' questions. This has increased customer loyalty by building a good relationship with its users. The platform uses most of the common communication channel such as live chat, telephone, and email making it convenience to communicate with customers.

This platform is the easiest and fastest way to buy and sell Bitcoin and all other crypto currency. More information on this exchange can be found at


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