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All Natural Mosquito Control Long Island by Mosquitobrothers

Every summer, millions of people prepare in the best way they know to reduce the number of mosquito bites they suffer during the summer. Some people will buy large amounts of insect repellent, while others will turn their backyard into a citronella battlefield. Mosquitoes not only cause irritating, itchy and swollen bumps on our skin, but they are also the main carriers of West Nile virus, the terrible malaria that is endemic in many tropical countries, and other diseases.

This old problem still exists. "What is the most effective way to eliminate mosquitoes?" Let us first focus on reducing the growing number of mosquitoes. What do we do? Natural mosquito control is a good start.


Open marsh water management

All Natural Mosquito Control method being implemented by the government department. This is a project to create a stable habitat for the natural enemies of mosquitoes. It is also working to reduce potential flooding in non-wetland areas, thereby reducing the number of mosquitoes in rural areas. No pesticides or other chemicals are used; Mosquitobrothers is completely dependent on the natural ecological balance. Due to the environmental issues facing the world today, banned chemicals have become increasingly important.


Restoration of wetlands and watersheds

Another way to Natural Mosquito Control Long Island mosquitoes is to restore wetlands and watersheds. Between the 1780s and 1980s, almost 54% of wetlands in the United States were converted to farmland. During that time, some individual states used up as much as 90%, which is the tragic loss of natural habitats for many species. Due to increased education on its importance, new policies have been used to create and restore wetlands. Wetlands are refuges for birds and wild animals. They not only help to improve water quality and reduce flood disasters, but also attract mosquitoes from rural areas to a more natural environment, where natural enemies of mosquitoes inhabit.


Also receiving more attention is the restoration of watersheds, the earth's natural drainage system of streams, rivers, and lakes. Like wetlands, watersheds not only reduce the risk of land flooding and poor water quality, but also reduce the number of mosquitoes. Rural and urban areas.


what can you do?

Although these Professional Mosquito Control Services Long Island methods are long-term, large-scale projects, and certainly more complicated than just using citronella candles and pesticides, you can do your part by participating in the work of the local environmental committee. Search online to find out how you can participate in or donate to this effective and rewarding cause.


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