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Al M'adina Financial - Oil Trading & The Petroleum Industry

Dinah Lilia Mansour is a woman of high repute and a diplomat by all standards who have generously served in various capacities – both in the private and government arena. She worked at the foreign Affairs department at Egyptian Embassy and has since used her diplomatic statutes to represent many businesses across nations – all over the world.


As a woman of passion who earnestly desires to see people succeed in all areas, whether on humanitarian affairs or business endeavors, we can say she has affected more lives than some country leaders have done for their citizenry.


One very area she has been very notable - is the petroleum industry where she has helped several genuine buyers and sellers from all parts of the globe - to make it happen& prosper on transparent grounds.


Failure according to Dinah-Lilia should not be an experience in life as it demeans potentials and frustrates lives. Her philosophy is “Success is achievable for all”, hence she has built several companies in various sectors and in diverse nations to singularly cater categorically to human needs.


Amongst her conglomerates – is the AL M'ADINA FINANCIAL/OIL TRADING Company that is an offshoot of AL M'ADINA GROUP LTD; a company that is fully dedicated to sales and marketing of petroleum products and its derivatives!


Within this company and its wide ranging operations, Dinah-Lilia has been able to bring sanity into the industry as she has passionately helped sellers and buyers (small and large) to procure their choice products ranging from the popular Crude Oil to others.


With so many fraudulent activities eating deep into the industry - undermining progress in the niche; AL M'ADINA FINANCIAL/OIL TRADING Companyworks hand in hand with one of the best investigative firms to help curb ill-practices and separate the “wheat from the chaffs”.


This helps to prevent time wasters and fraudulent practices within the petroleum business arena. Both individual and government relatedoil transactions are being scrutinized under the eyes of this Investigation Firm; so there is no room for failure or error.


The Lucrative Benefits of Oil & Gas Boom Are Feasible when transactions are transparent!‘AL M'ADINA FINANCIAL/OIL TRADING upholds transparency and ensures dealers are fully secure andpaid as due; leaving no room for heartbreaks as a loss of investment.


Right from the point of production, distribution, negotiation, marketing and sales, Dinah-Lilia Group of Companies takes care of all – to outstanding success.


Dinah-Lilia owns major shares in top oil firms across the world and huge stakes in various world thriving oil refineries.


​Premier services, unique market knowledge and extensive research capabilities are just some of the reasons why AL M'ADINA FINANCIAL/OIL TRADING is the go-to firm for every oil business and is the best resource for genuine business men and women seeking breakthrough in the oil industry. 


AL M'ADINA FINANCIAL/OIL TRADING have access to a vast network of potential oil buyers and sellers in the oil industry and can broker or facilitate the buying and selling of Nigerian Bonny light crude oil (BLCO), Saudi Light Crude Oil (SLCO), Iraqi Light Crude Oil or D2 Diesel Oil among others. The company takes care of transactions by working directly with end-buyers, end-sellers and buyer’s mandates for crude oil and petroleum products buying &selling - world over.


You can contact the company directly to inquire on “buy or sell proposals”thru


PS: Please note that only genuine inquiries are entertained, as the firm has zero tolerance for fraud or time-wasting ventures!

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