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Aerial Cinema Productions, a full-service aerial production company based in New York, combines the talents of aerial coordinator/film pilot Ray McCort and aerial cinematographer Joshua Narins and offers a full range of aircraft and aerial camera systems, as well as safety coordinators, aerial unit producers, and FAA mechanics.


The company makes all the necessary arrangements for an aerial shoot:  personnel, equipment rental, FAA clearances, permits, etc.  The company is a member of the IFP, and while they are dedicated to promoting and fostering the New York production community through their network of aircraft and equipment suppliers, ACP can provide their service anywhere throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.


McCort and Narins are both veterans of projects ranging from studio features to commercial campaigns, music video clips, documentaries and independent films.  The company's credits range from CGI plates for the Timex-Indiglo watch spot to National Geographic's Explorer project,  The S.E.T.I.


The duo also worked on the recent Microsoft campaign, which found them making heart-stopping passes through the steel canyons of New York City.  For the campaign's "Anthem" spot, Narins employed a Tyler Nose Mount to make low level runs at Wall Street, terminating in pulse-quickening 60-degree bank rolloffs.  The "Gather Up" spot necessitated using not only the Nose mount for radical overhead strafing runs of the Brooklyn Bridge, but also the continental Magnum Mount, a mechanical side mount, to gather magic-hour skylines and elegant night footage incorporating the Empire State Building.


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