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Acrylic Paint Manufacturers in India by Nanopolycoat

Acrylic Paint Manufacturers

Fluid acrylic paint is much thinner than standard acrylic paint and is suitable for more detailed and complex paintings. You can use different media to thin the standard acrylic resin, but when you do, the paint loses pigmentation, so the color does not appear. Fluid acrylic resin retains the same pigmentation concentration as standard acrylic resin, so you can use thinner paint without worrying about the color it will produce. Compared with the use of standard acrylic resin, the use of fluid acrylic resin makes it easier to use a large number of oil painting and watercolor techniques. This type of acrylic paint is also suitable for glazing and washing. Fluid acrylic is very suitable for artists who care about the details of their work.

Heavy Acrylic Paint Manufacturers in India

This type of paint is very similar to paint because it is very thick. If you like your paintings to have a lot of texture, this is a very good paint. For heavy-body paint, you can easily use the thick coating technique, where dramatic brushstrokes and thick coating are used to create the impression of the paint coming out of the canvas. This particular technique usually recommends the use of oil paints, although heavy acrylic resins have the advantage of faster drying times. This type of acrylic paint is also great for mixing colors together: with heavy-duty acrylic resin, you can create a large number of rich colors that cannot be easily created with standard acrylic resin.

Slow-drying acrylic paint by Nanopolycoat

One of the key properties of acrylic resins is that they dry very fast. Many artists prefer to use acrylic paints instead of watercolors and oil paintings, because fast drying time means they can finish painting quickly. With slow-drying acrylic paint, also known as open acrylic paint, you can get all the advantages of acrylic and have more time to process the paint. Slow-drying acrylic resins may take a day or even a week or more to dry, depending on factors such as room temperature and paint thickness. You don't have to rush to finish all the work before the paint dries; on the contrary, you can rest assured because you have more time for painting creation. With slow-drying acrylic resin, you can also do more color mixing, while using fast-drying paint there is not much opportunity. Slow-drying acrylic resin is very suitable for people who like the flexibility of acrylic resin but don't like rushing.

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