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5 Top Gift Ideas For Your Godchild


Being a godparent is a responsibility that begins at birth and spans a lifetime.Baby christening is your first shot at your new role.

At a loss of the perfect gift for your godson or goddaughter? A personalised christening baby gift is the perfect way to make sure you treat baby to a unique gift for their big day. As a godparent, choosing the best personalisedbaby gifts for your godchild’s christeningamidst several options could be daunting. What is more daunting is getting unique baby gifts to buy. As a godparent you should present the most memorable baby gift out there that will stand out in the crowd.

Are you a godparent in search of a unique christening gift idea or personalised baby gifts? Below are 5 top gift ideas for your godchild:

  1. Personalised Christening Baby Shawl

1. Personalised Christening Baby Shawl

You can never go wrong with gifting your godson or goddaughter a personalised baby shawl. It’s a simply stunning Christening gift designed to keep the baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer, coupled with the all important details of the day! It can be embroidered with any name you want, particularly his/her baptismal name. What more? Ensure this is nicely wrapped in a cute gift box with ribbon and gift note attached.

Commemorate the day baby becomes apart of the church with a stylish Personalised Christening Shawl or Baptism Shawl.

  1. PersonalisedABC Money Box

2. PersonalisedABC Money Box

A personalised ABC money box is a gorgeous yet unique gift for a New Born Baby. It’s perfect for christenings and will be a great addition to your godchild's room.

  1. Personalised Baby Christening Bib

3. Personalised Baby Christening Bib

Here is another great personalized gift idea that can even turn into a cherished mementofor both baby and parents. Perfect for a baby boy or a baby girl and makes a wonderful baptismal gift.  The Bib can be personalised with any message you want for your goddaughter or godson and can be purchased here.

  1. Personalised Baby Birth Breakfast Set

Baby breakfast set consisting of a plate, bowl and mug is a stunning gift that will make an ideal birth or christening gift.This is the perfect birth or Christening gift which can be personalised with the details of the baby's birth including name, weight and date of birth. Mark in gold the day baby arrived the world with a cute personalised baby birth breakfast set that can be purchased here.

  1. Sterling Silver Christening Bangle

5. Sterling Silver Christening Bangle

This Christening Bangle makes a perfect gift for a little one celebrating their Christening or baptism. This Sterling Silver Expanding Bracelet can be personalisedwith any name up to 15 characters and it comes presented in a gift bag.It’s expandable feature makes it useful even when the child is older. How sweet is that? This gorgeous baby keepsake can be purchased here.

That’s it! You don't have to spend so much for your gift to be special, but making sure your gift has that personal touch is the magic recipe to creating a baby christening gift that will be forever cherished. Here at DCARO, we believe that going the extra way of having a christening gift personalised can make all the difference. It can turn a lovely baby gift into a lovely memento that will be looked back upon fondly, even when they become an adult and will always remind your godchild of the love you have for them.


DCARO is a Personalised Gift Shop and all of our gifts can be personalised, from our traditional christening gifts to our baby room decor or cute personalised bath robes, so if you want to give your godson or daughter a unique christening gift, please feel free to browse our website.


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