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5 Mistakes You Might be Making in Your Skip Bin Hire Practices in Canberra

While most people in Canberra have opened up to the concept of using skips for daily waste disposal, most of them are prone to making certain mistakes when it comes to their skip bin hire services. This ends up costing them more money than if they were to avoid these fatal mistakes. Below, we have broken down these mistakes, helping people understand where they are going wrong and how they can avoid these mistakes and save more money:

  1. Not understanding the measurements of skip bins:

This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to skip bin hire in Canberra. You need to understand what the measurements are in order to purchase the correct variety of skips for your needs. One cubic meter means that the bin is like a box that has the width, length and height of 1m each. This gives you a fair idea of the size of the skip bin that is 3,4 or 5 cubic metres in size.

  1. Choosing the wrong size:

Since most people lack knowledge of the appropriate size of the skip, they make mistakes and order the wrong type of skip for their waste disposal. Skip bin hire in Canberra can be quite cheap if you know the tricks of making the most of the money that you are spending for the waste disposal. Often you might have certain amount of junk and you might want to hire a bigger size of skip. Talking to a neighbour and finding out if they need a skip for their waste disposal can be great way to save money. You can simply hire a bigger skip and split the cost of the skip with your neighbour, who is also using the same skip for disposing of their household waste. Instead of hiring separate skips, which would cost you both more, you can share the skip among yourselves.

  1. Using the skip wrong:

A lot of people are not using their skips up to the fullest extent. They don’t understand the science that goes behind packing a skip properly and hence end up with extra junk that could be fit into the skip bin. Disposing of this extra piece of garbage can often lead to an additional expenditure. However, if packed correctly, your skip could take a lot more junk than it currently does. If you are disposing certain pieces of old furniture, these need to go first into the bin. After this, you must fill up the additional space left in the sides and bottom with the junk left behind.

  1. Putting all sorts of junk into the same bin:

This is one the mistakes that can cost you a lot of money. If you have mixes of cement or bricks in your junk, it is important that you mention this beforehand to the skip handlers. Also, there are certain substances that you must never dump into these bins without taking the permission of the skip hire organization you have chosen. These materials include toxic chemicals, acids and phenyls, etc. These might leech into the soil and cause permanent damage to the land.

  1. Not using the skip at all:

One of the biggest mistakes when hiring a skip is not using the skip for the purpose of waste disposal. Many people lose a lot of money by simply ordering for a skip and then not using the skip for the purpose of waste disposal. But this can easily be prevented by making sure that you have the junk ready to be disposed of when hiring the skip bins. Unless you do this, you are very likely to procrastinate till the last minute and then lose a ton of money simply because you now have to extend the pick-up date for the skip bin you have hired.

While all of these mistakes might not be common to you, most of us can agree of being guilty of one or the other mistake mentioned above. However, all of these are mistakes that can easily be taken care of and one can save a lot of money once all of these are eliminated from the skip bin hire practice.


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