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3 Tips For Safely Restoring A Stained Wedding Dress or Gown In Toronto

Hi, my name is Talal, Dry Cleaner and Laundry specialist at Simply Laundry Inc. This month’s article focuses on “3 Tips for saftely restoring a stained wedding dress or gown in Toronto”

When it comes to a wedding, a lot of planning and preparation takes place. From the venue to the food to the guest list and everything in between, months can go into making sure a wedding is perfect. But there is one item that is more important than anything else for a bride: the wedding dress.

Whether you simply want to repurpose an old gown to save on costs or you have a cherished family heirloom such as your mother’s wedding gown that you would like to wear for your own wedding, with the right methods and care you can eliminate stains from wedding dresses and gowns.

Over the years at Simply Laundry our team have helped lots of our clients take care of stains on wedding dress and gowns.  Here are 3 tips that will help you bring back the dress’ original color without causing additional damage:


  1. Do Not Use Bleach - one of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to remove stains from a wedding dress is to use bleach. The theory is that bleach will make things whiter, which it can, but due to the powerful chemical processes that happen when bleach is used, it will do more harm than good. Bleaching will destroy fabrics and can even eat away delicate lace on wedding dresses—do not use it.
  2. General Full-Dress Cleaning - When you are restoring a stained wedding dress or gown, one thing you have to keep in mind is that the entire dress should be cleaned at the same time. If you have a stain on your dress, especially if it is an old dress, and you simply use spot remover it will remove the stain but leave one area cleaner than the rest.

To eliminate this effect you will need to give the dress a full cleaning to restore its original color. To do so, fill up a bathtub with a delicate liquid laundry detergent and warm water. Place the dress on a clean sheet and gently place the entire dress into the soapy liquid.


The reason you want to use a sheet is so you do not stretch out the stress fabric when you remove it from the bathtub. Once you have submerged the dress in the detergent, use the clean sheet to help rub the fabric gently to remove any discoloration and dirt from the dress. If necessary, the dress can remain in the soaking liquid for as long as 24 hours so the soap can break up any stains. Remove the dress from the water and lay it flat so that it can dry without any tension placed on the fabric.


  1. Additional Wedding Dress Spot Cleaning:
  • Once the wedding gown has undergone a full cleaning, you may still have spots and stains left in some areas. Since the rest of the dress has now been cleaned you can use spot removing techniques to eliminate these stains so the dress looks as good as it did when it was first made.


  • One of the best spot removers is a natural paste made from lemon juice and salt. Take a few tablespoons of salt and add enough lemon juice so you have a paste-like consistency that you can rub on the stain. Gently rub the mixture all over the discolored area and work it into the fabric of the gown using circular motions of a toothbrush, careful not to damage the fabric. Allow the paste to sit on the stain for 60 seconds and then begin to check the stain. The acid in the lemon juice will help remove the stain but it is important that you watch the paste carefully to ensure the fabric is not being compromised and you do not over-whiten any stains.


  • Another mixture that you can try if stains still persist is a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Using the same method as before, create a paste and gently rub it onto the stained areas of the wedding dress. Once the stain has been removed, wash off the paste with warm water. Once the stain is gone, rinse off the paste with warm water and allow the dress to dry.


Consider Simply Laundry For Your Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Needs

With these threehelpful tips above hopefully, you can have a better idea about the decision you want to make when choosing your dry cleaner in Toronto.  Whether you need laundry services or dry cleaning for your wedding dress or gown  in Toronto ON area, you will be in good hands with Simply Laundry.

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