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Introduction & Thrilling Information About Web Accessibility


Web accessibility means that websites, tools, and technologies are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them. … perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web. contribute to the Web. 


When websites and web tools a…

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Celebrate The Rakhi Festival on 22nd August 2021 in India

As you know the Rakhi is very important festival in India.  This is observed on the full moon of Shravan month end.  On this auspicious day sisters tie a thread on its brothers   wrist and ask his brother to give a promise of her protection.  Brother also promise that he will protect her from all ki…

Read more Launches A FinTech Unit, Instagram Looks At NFTs, And Circle Goes Public – FinTech Weekly

We finish up the week looking at the most interesting fintech headlines from the past seven days. We discuss the first fintech unit of, Google’s push into Japan’s fintech market, Binance trouble, Fly Now Pay Later launching their services across the US, an online finance company warning …

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How Using Video Online is Way Better Than Just Using Text

Video has been increasingly common over the last few years all over the world. It's on TV, on social media, in text messages, on banners, in internet commercials, and even on restaurant menus. Since the video has become so popular among the younger generation, making your video has never been simple…

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Winged Whale Media Wins Hermes Creative Award

Toronto—05/02/2021—Winged Whale Media announced today that they have been selected as the winner for the Hermes Creative Award.  They received this award for the virtual reality Production they did for Grupo Pullmantur.  The work consisted of a virtual 360 degree tour of the ship showing the ex…

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Virtual Reality Production Company

Brand owners may use virtual reality ads to get their brand name closer to customers' eyes. VR gives people an engaging interface that helps them to engage with a product differently, and it delivers value across new business models. Digital reality can assist companies in quickly and discreetly set…

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Top Training Video Production Companies in 2021

Videos are some of the best training tools available in today’s corporate world. For one, they bring concepts to life and engage learners on an emotional level. Would you rather read a complex manual on how to fix a leaky faucet, or watch a five-minute YouTube video on the subject? It is often more …

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Benefits of Using Virtual Reality in Training

Some of the most important benefits of VR training programs.


Interactive and engaging.

There will be no more waiting in rows of crowded, grade-school-style chairs, listening to a teacher buzz over slides loaded with regulatory-speak in the futile hope that someone is paying attention.Vir…

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Video Evidence Slip and Fall with Video Surveillance by Turingvideo.Com

All over the world, various countries use public video surveillance as the main tool for monitoring campaigns and possible terrorist acts. Some of these countries already rely heavily on Video Surveillance to help prevent crime. This is not surprising. The results show that video surveillance has in…

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All Natural Mosquito Control Long Island by Mosquitobrothers

Every summer, millions of people prepare in the best way they know to reduce the number of mosquito bites they suffer during the summer. Some people will buy large amounts of insect repellent, while others will turn their backyard into a citronella battlefield. Mosquitoes not only cause irritating, …

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Over 100 digital screens illuminate the route of 2020 metro stations

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Dubai: The Dubai Expo 2020 is scheduled for October 2021 and is likely to attract over 25 million visits. Gearing up to make this event a success, Pixcom Group of Companies has installed LED digital signage across new metro stations enroute 2020.


Signages Complement th…

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Signs It’s Not Your Cooking, You Simply Need NYC Oven Repair

Dealing with the need for NYC oven repair on your home appliance could help lessen mealtime failures. Read on to learn more about how.


Are you having difficulty getting food on the table in a timely fashion and cooked thoroughly? Do you ever feel like each cooking effort you make either res…

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5 Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton BedSheets in India

Why Buying Organic Bedsheet can be the Best Choice?

Cotton is one of the most widely grown crops worldwide. However, it utilizes a large amount of water and chemical content. This depletes many resources and endangers the planet. Fortunately, farmers have begun to develop natural cotton which req…

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Mevlan Ramadani - The Albanian architect who is making a fuss in Northern Macedonia

Mevlan Ramadani is a Graduate Architectural Engineer (IDA).


Ramadani, is a master of architecture who actively deals with the design and implementation of plans as well as their construction, and for a short time he managed to cover the construction market in Northern Macedonia.

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Heat Resistant Paint Manufacturers in Ahmedabad India with Nanopolycoat

The Heat Resistant Paint Manufacturers Ahmedabad coating is specially formulated to withstand higher temperatures than usual. In most cases, ordinary paint will quickly degrade and lose its luster when exposed to high temperature for a long time. In order to ensure that the heat-resistant coating do…

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