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A Child I know has been abused what do I do?

Just when you thought the unthinkable couldn’t happen it did. Nothing possibly could have prepared you for this moment.(Your thinking) A tear stricken child had just enough strength and courage to confide in you about the “Secret” they had been holding on to. They reveal to you in whatever language …

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How to Create Safe Special Effects for Your Next Party or Event

By Paul Peterson

You've got a big party taking place at a local activity center. 100 people are invited. You're going to have music, activities, food, and - oh yes - a little something extra. You want some kind of special effect that will thrill the crowd and be the talk of the town.

This spec…

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Top 5 Best Wet Mops and Dust Mops Manufacturers In The USA


Sanitation and clean workspaces are necessary in any industry. Regular home mops and other cleaning supplies won’t do. Industrial strength cleaning materials are needed for sanitary benefits and to keep all areas clean before and after work, especially in contained areas such as holding departme…

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